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Is Distance Learning MBA Slowly gaining Recognition in India?

November22, 2019

Distance learning MBA in India has been slowly getting recognition across corporates & in various industry domains. From 2019, there has been significant growth in the number of students opting for distance MBA or other programs through distance education.

Working executives find it difficult to quit their high paying jobs to attend regular B-School. Fresh graduates facing financial hurdles also turn to distance MBA to keep looking for a job while still improving their skills.

Apart from the flexibility and features offered by institutions, The major credit of this jump in numbers goes to premium institutions like NMIMS Distance Learning. These Institutes invest heavily in technology to digitize distance education & deliver high quality learning Online at your doorstep.

App-based & Web-based lectures accessible from anywhere gives you a virtual classroom Experience through a robust online platform. Startups like UPGRAD made online learning from various IITs accessible to students.

The debate is, does distance education program carry the same value as its traditional counterpart?

Earlier, Distance MBA or Correspondence MBA did not offer any interaction with core-faculty, or access to the online library. The student had to solely depend on the hard copy of books or study kit & self-study format. The focus was more on attaining the degree rather than learning skills or acquiring knowledge. Today, with prestigious institutions offering 2-way interactive lectures with online doubt clearing sessions with core faculties, the student has an opportunity to learn, leap and lead their career towards a better path because corporates now look for candidates with real-time industry experience over a degree from the mediocre school. 

Distance learning offers the opportunity of studying, learning while working in an organization to attain experience and earn money simultaneously. Let us assume Mr. XYZ is making 4.5 lakhs per annum and now wants to pursue an MBA, he has the following options:

1. Start preparing for CAT/CMAT/XAT with a rigid work schedule, which is too much to ask for.

2. Even if Mr. XYZ clears the entrance test, He has to quit his high paying job and invest another 12-16 lakhs for his tuition and other fees.

3. Pay college fees and lose a 2-year salary.

4. Join a distance MBA course from a top institution, save money on tuition fees, save money by still being employed and when he graduates with a degree, he has 2 more years of relevant work experience.

Mr. XYZ has made his choice, its time for you to make yours.

Mr. XYZ Attends live online lectures, sharpens skillset, has access to one of the best study material from top publishers known internationally, clears doubt from the finest of academicians and industry leaders, earns an alumni status from one of India’s best institutions & has access to placement assistance offered as career services.

These services give students a chance to make a smooth career transition. Services include job search support, Sessions with career coaches to amplify strengths of the candidates, mock interviews, 3 job opportunities per week for the tenure of this program and many more job-related assistance like Resume Building & Career Mapping. Distance Education in India is not even close to what it was a decade ago. With the advancement in technology and acceptance by corporates. It has become one of the most lucrative choices amongst executives & freshers. They can now choose from a range of online courses and modules to shine and accelerate their ambitions.

courses like a 6- month certification to a 2-year MBA. Executive MBA in distance mode is gaining popularity among working executives looking for a module-based program offered in an accelerated format to save time.

Distance education degree conferred by Institutions who are a part of AIU (Association of Indian Universities) is also accepted by WES for PR and higher studies in Canada & other western countries.

Mr. XYZ has made his choice, its time for you to make yours.

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